deleted scenes

But I Said Forever

Here’s the final deleted scene from But I Said Forever. It’s a brief conversation between Brittany and Toby. In the end, I decided that Brittany didn’t really know him well […]

But I Said Forever is now at 32/17 in reviews! Thanks everyone and here’s your next scene. This one was originally the second half of the conversation in deleted scene […]

I said I would post the first deleted scene when But I Said Forever reached 20 reviews on and 10 on and it has! Thank you to everyone […]

SPOILERS In this last deleted scene from Early Daze, Jess and Gwen discuss Ben.  This one takes place after the other two.  The remaining part of this scene actually appears […]

SPOILERS The second of my deleted scenes from Early Daze.  When I wrote the previous deleted scenes, I felt I needed something that would give Jess a boost to make her […]

I thought it would be interesting to share a deleted scene from Early Daze, as I did for After Wimbledon.  This has SPOILERS, so don’t read if you haven’t read […]

A few more paragraphs cut from After Wimbledon. Lucy on… Making Decisions Showering off later, I debate the pros and cons of staying on the tour and decide I should.  […]

Just a few paragraphs cut from the final version of After Wimbledon, where Lucy muses. Lucy on… her career I’m not a bad player.  I’ve won a few titles, made […]

Another scene I cut from the published version of After Wimbledon.  The first part of the book went through quite a lot of reworking, so this scene doesn’t quite fit […]

I cut quite a bit from the first draft of After Wimbledon, so I thought I would post one of the missing scenes.  In this one, Lucy is helping her […]