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Recommended Sites & Services for AuthorsAll these sites and services are ones that I personally use and recommend.

A few of them run referral programmes, where I earn money or discounts if you sign up through these links, but I haven’t included any I wouldn’t endorse anyway.



99 Designs Logo99 Designs is a graphic design site where you can launch a contest and get lots of designers to design for you at once.  It’s brilliant if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want, or if you want someone to create a unique ‘brand’ for you (notice that all my chick lit covers are clearly recognizable as being by the same author).

I ran a contest to design the cover for The Dr Pepper Prophecies.  I then commissioned the same designer directly through the site to design the covers for Wedding Hells, After Wimbledon and But I Said Forever.

GrammarlyGrammarly is an automatic checker for spelling, grammar and writing style.  It works like the free ones that come with word processing programmes, but is more accurate and has more features.


Booklinker allows you to create a single link for your book that will take the clicker to their local Amazon site.  This is very important.  As a UK reader, if you direct me to the US store I can’t buy your book there and it’s very unlikely I’ll make the effort to find it on the UK site.

The iTunes Link Maker allows you to create links to your books in the iTunes store, which work even for those who haven’t downloaded iTunes software.  Essential if your books are there.

Fiverr LogoFiverr is a site where you can get small jobs done (pretty much anything) for $5 (now plus a processing fee).  Somethings I’ve used it for: book covers (mixed success here), a blog header, a twitter background and translating my author bio into German, French and Japanese for the relevant Amazon sites.  Some smaller blogs and book deal sites also run their advertising through there.

BookBubBookBub advertises free and discounted books.  They are hard to get into and cost a lot, but are worth every penny.  If you have a book, you want it on here.

They only accept submissions for spots in the next 30 days.  For the best chance of acceptance, make your date flexible and plan other promotions around it if you get in. If you don’t get in, reapply.  It’s quite usual for books to be turned down multiple times before being accepted.

The Midlist LogoThe Midlist has produced the best results for me after BookBub. It’s also a lot cheaper and there’s even a chance of getting on it for free if you’re flexible with dates.  For the free option especially, you have the best chance of getting in if your date is flexible. They don’t restrict submissions to 30 days, which means you need to give them lots of notice.

Book SendsI’ve also had good results with Book Sends.  They’re a much smaller site than the other two, but they charge accordingly and they’re much easier to get into.

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