FAQs and Small Print

What does my money get me?
The ebook cover you have chosen, in a size suitable for all ebook sites (2500px high by 1563px wide at 72dpi in jpeg form), edited to show your author name and book title. Stock images and paid fonts used are included in the price.

Do you have a license to use the images and fonts?
Yes, to use, edit and resell.  Each cover can be used on up to 100,000 copies of your book.  If you sell that many, you can probably afford to get a custom one.

Can I have the Photoshop file to edit?
I’m afraid not.  That would break the terms of the image license.  I only sell completed covers.

Do you sell a cover more than once?
No.  However, I don’t have exclusive rights to the images or fonts that I use, so I can’t promise they won’t end up on another book cover (don’t worry, it happens to traditionally-published authors too!)

Can I buy a cover now and tell you the title later?
Yes. You will have to pay up front and I will take it off the site and keep it in a separate folder waiting for you.

Can I add more text to the cover?
Yes.  If you want a tag line, review quote or series title added just let me know when you purchase.

If I change my mind about a cover, can I get a refund or swap it for another?
Sorry, all sales are final.

Any other questions?
Email jennifer.gilby.roberts@gmail.com


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