Premade Book Covers (Chick Lit)

Premade Book Covers for Chick LitPremade book covers for chick lit

Designed by an author for authors.

Need a cheap ebook cover for a short story or your first book?

Each cover is $25 (unless otherwise stated)

FAQs and Small Print



Premade Book Covers for Sale

001-Bride_Small 002-Summer_Small 003-Summer_Small 004-Christmas_Small 005-GoingOut_Small 006_Spring_Small 009-Dogs4_Small 010-Bride2_Small 011-TheBabyLady_Small 012-LilyintheCity_Small 014-MadAbouttheBoy_Small 015-TrickorTreat_Small 016-CabinFever_Small 017-OntheWaytotheWedding_Sm 018-GettingAwayWithItAll 019-SummerintheCity_Small

Set (Must Sell Together)

I can add a series name to the top of the covers if you like.

013-Dogs1 008-Dogs2_Small 007-Dogs3_Small




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