Where to Sell Your Old Books

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of books.  Every so often, I’m forced to go through them and get rid of some just to reduce the risk […]

Respecting Other Women's Choices

The no kids club.  Not the book by Talli Roland (although that may well be worth a read).  Following on from my post on C-Section Shame, another thing I don’t […]

Pinterest Logo

Like using Pinterest to find your next great read? Here are six boards for finding great chick lit books you’ve missed. Follow Elizabeth’s board CHICK LIT AUTHORS on Pinterest. Follow […]

A very valuable article on how to recognize scam non-fiction ebooks before you follow incorrect – or even dangerous – advice. Don’t Buy or Borrow Kindle Unlimited Rip-off eBooks | […]

Work in Progress

Missed last month, didn’t I?  I’m afraid there wasn’t much to report.  Here’s the state of play now: Magical Weddings I ended up abandoning the story I talked about last […]

C-Section Shame

Apparently there’s a “Christian” group on Facebook who’ve been posting things claiming women who have c-sections don’t really give birth (and worse – don’t google it if you’ve had one).  […]

Where to Find Free ePub Books (Kobo, Nook, iPad)

Do you read ebooks on a Kobo, Nook, iPad or other non-Kindle ereader?  Then you’re probably tired of sites that ignore your existence.  Here’s the ones that don’t. Got a […]

BigAl's Books and Pals Readers' Choice Award Nominee 2015

I had a lovely and unexpected email today to say that Early Daze has been nominated for a Readers’ Choice Award at BigAl’s Books & Pals. The nominees are books […]

What I'm Reading (Feb 15)

Missed a couple of months, haven’t I?  It’s amazing how long it can take to get going again after the Christmas “break” (yeah, not in this family). Anyway, mostly I’ve […]

How Old do You Need to be to Understand the Word 'No'?

Someone posted a link on Facebook to a story about a mother’s reaction to her daughter’s bra strap being undone by a boy at school and it reminded me of […]