Reading Order

The reading order for all my books.  Every book I write is complete (I don’t split one novel into pieces and end each one on a cliffhanger), but later ones in a series will refer to earlier events so you may enjoy them more if you read them in order.

Parker Sisters

A series of books about Mel Parker and Brittany Parker Beresford.  Each book is narrated by one of the sisters and focuses on her life, but there are ongoing storylines and some character crossover between books.

#0 Wedding Hells (short story)

#1 The Dr Pepper Prophecies

#2 But I Said Forever


All the World’s a Page from Cupid on the Loose! (Anthology).
Lauren from But I Said Forever appears in this short story, which is set after BISF.


Books not related to any of my other works.

After Wimbledon (also available as part of the Have Chick Lit, Will Travel box set)

Early Daze

Flights of Nancy (short story)

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