Early Daze

Early Daze by Jennifer Gilby RobertsLife has always gone smoothly for Jess, but then she got BigAl's Books and Pals Readers' Choice Award Nominee 2015pregnant and it wasn’t just her breakfast that started going down the pan.  And now her baby has “fallen out” before she’s even started anti-natal classes.

Suddenly she’s sucked into the bubble of the Neonatal Unit, where tensions run high and the real world feels very far away.  She’s got a new home, new routines, new friends and even a new crush – and sleep deprivation, stress and separation are threatening to tear her neat little world apart.

When it’s time for Jess to go home, what will she be going home to?  And who will she be going home with?


Early Daze is an honest, but humourous, tale of the highs, lows, frustrations and absurdities that come when your baby is born too soon.

Published: 28 March 2014



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