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Like using Pinterest to find your next great read? Here are six boards for finding great chick lit books you’ve missed. Follow Elizabeth’s board CHICK LIT AUTHORS on Pinterest. Follow […]

Interesting articles I’ve come across this month: Why books in a series should have a “previously on” page – Chick Lit Reviews & News Jennifer Weiner on taking women writers […]

This was written as a guest post for Chick Lit Club Connect When a heroine doesn’t find love, is it still chick lit? Someone posted an interesting question on Twitter: […]

I was given (read: I chose) Longbourn by Jo Baker for Mother’s Day.  It’s a sort-of-retelling of Pride & Prejudice, from the point of view of the household servants.  It’s […]

Interesting articles I’ve come across this month (quiet month, this) March 2014 Chick Lit Releases – I Heart Chick Lit The Bad Boys in Chick Lit and Romance Novels – […]

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging almost 7 months!  With that in mind, I thought I’d do a recap of some of the best posts on this blog, in case you missed […]

Interesting articles this month. Lucy-Ann Holmes: Why I Love Chick Lit – We Love This Book Does “Chick Lit” Deserve More Literary Respect? – Stuff Mom Never Told You What […]

Marian Keyes is considered a chick lit writer, but I don’t think that’s right.  I’ve been reading Rachel’s Holiday and it’s not my idea of chick lit.  It is witty […]

Interesting articles I’ve come across this month. Am I Writing Chick Lit? – Mystic Writes Ultimate 100 Chick Lit Collection – Chicklit Club 2014 Releases – I Heart Chick Lit […]

I was rather tickled to come across a link to a two-day course on how to write a chick lit novel.  Sadly it was in Sydney and, as much as I’d […]