Where to Sell Your Old Books

SellBooksIf you’re anything like me, you have a lot of books.  Every so often, I’m forced to go through them and get rid of some just to reduce the risk of being found pinned under an avalanche of them.  Rather than just giving them away, this time around I’ve been trying to earn a little money (so I can buy more books!  Death by book slide, here I come…)

Since I want to get them out of my house fast, I haven’t been selling them individually.  Instead, I’ve been using two book-buying services:

Amazon Trade-In

The US version is well-established and takes all sorts of things, but the UK one is quite new and only accepts a limited catalogue.  Books have to be packed into boxes and dropped off locally (in the UK it’s at post offices or Collect+ stations).  Postage is free.

They pay in Amazon gift cards, and for my last order they were offering a bonus £5 off £10 spend voucher code when you traded in £15 worth of books.  Add that to the Amazon giftcards I’ve been earning through Swagbucks (another recent discovery – now I earn money from my search engine!) and I’m building up a very nice stash.

We Buy Books

We Buy Books is a UK only site that buys books, CDs, DVDs and games.  So far they’re my favourite, because they take a much wider range than the Amazon store, they will collect your packaged books from your home (Monday to Friday) and they pay in cash (by cheque, through Paypal or straight into your bank account). They also have occasional voucher codes to increase your payout.  As with Amazon, postage is free and payout only takes a few days.

Book Scouter

On Book Scouter, you type in the ISBN of a book you want to sell and it looks at all the book buying sites in the US to find you the one that’s offering the highest price for it.  Brilliant if you’re selling high value books like textbooks.

Have you used a book-buying site?

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6 Pinterest Boards Chick Lit Readers Should Follow

Like using Pinterest to find your next great read? Here are six boards for finding great chick lit books you’ve missed.

Follow Elizabeth’s board CHICK LIT AUTHORS on Pinterest.

Follow Rachel’s board Chick-lit, Romantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction, & Romance on Pinterest.

Follow Jennifer Gilby Roberts’s board Chick Lit Books 2015 Releases on Pinterest.

Chick Lit/Contemporary Novels – Book Junkie

Books We’ve Reviewed – Chick Lit Central

Books Reviewed on Novelicious – Novelicious

Any other great boards for finding chick lit books?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Don’t Buy or Borrow Kindle Unlimited Rip-off eBooks | lisa maliga

A very valuable article on how to recognize scam non-fiction ebooks before you follow incorrect – or even dangerous – advice.

Don’t Buy or Borrow Kindle Unlimited Rip-off eBooks | lisa maliga.

Where to Find Free ePub Books (Kobo, Nook, iPad)

Where to Find Free ePub BooksDo you read ebooks on a Kobo, Nook, iPad or other non-Kindle ereader?  Then you’re probably tired of sites that ignore your existence.  Here’s the ones that don’t.

Got a kindle instead? See my posts on 50 Places to Find Free Kindle Books and Where to Find Free Kindle Books for the UK.

Classics & Permanently Free ePub Books

These sites deal with public domain books (those old enough that the author’s copyright has expired) and some books made permanently free by the publishers.

Project Gutenberg

Open Library

Digi Libraries

Many Books

Internet Archive



Ebook Sellers

Kobo, Nook, iPad (and pretty much every ereader except the Kindle) work with epub files, so you can use any of these ebook stores.  There’s also Smashwords and Bookrix.

You can also borrow ebooks from your local library (through Overdrive).

Alert Sites for Free Epub Books

These sites let you know about books that are (usually) only free for a short time.  All include links to Kobo, Nook and iTunes (where the books are available on those sites – a lot of books are Kindle-only).  Some of them post the links on their sites, but for some you have to join their email lists.


eBook Soda

Freebooksy (their sister site Bargain Booksy does cut price deals)

Reading Deals

My Romance Reads

eReader Utopia

eBook Deal of the Day

Do you know of another place to download free epub books?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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What I’m Reading (Feb 15)

Missed a couple of months, haven’t I?  It’s amazing how long it can take to get going again after the Christmas “break” (yeah, not in this family).

Secrets of Sir RichardAnyway, mostly I’ve been working my way through the books of Julia Quinn.  I managed to borrow her new one, The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy, from the library – yay!  It was one of those where something’s clearly going on but the main character doesn’t know what and, while it wasn’t my favourite book of hers overall, the mystery definitely held my interest and I didn’t guess it ahead of time.

I’ve also read two more of the Rules of Scoundrels series by Sarah MacLean and I really want to read the fourth, Never Judge a Lady by her Cover, which sounds like the most intriguing of the lot.

I’ve also been trying out a new author (to me).  As suggested by Ginger Cat, I’m reading M.C.Beaton.  Her a house for the seasonbooks are interesting.  The first book I tried I didn’t especially like, but I’m getting on quite well with her The School for Manners series.  Her characters are certainly very vivid, although I’m surprised at the amount of bad language some of them use.  The A House for the Season series is my favourite so far.

She’s a modern writer, but I think she’s imitating the writing style of the time (the Regency period).  She’s clearly done a lot of research (and at times is a little over-eager to show it). Her heroines often seem to change their minds rather suddenly about the heroes.  I also find that her characters – while certainly not wooden – aren’t quite hitting the spot.  You know how, in the best books, the characters become like real people to you?  They aren’t managing that for me, although I can’t put my finger on why.  But they’re very enjoyable books none the less.  They’re also much shorter than average, so good when you want a quick read.

How to be a HeroineI’ve also picked up a very interesting-looking book from the library.  It’s called How to be a Heroine: (Or, what I’ve learned from reading too much), which should appeal to book lovers everywhere.  In it, the author re-reads the books that gave her her childhood heroines and re-examines them from her adult perspective.

Meanwhile, Toddler is obsessed with a book called A Squash and a Squeeze and anything featuring Spot.  So if you want to entertain a three-year-old…

What are you reading at the moment?

Valentine’s Day Book Sale

There’s a massive book sale going on for Valentine’s Day.  For all the books and links, visit Chick Lit Plus.

#VDayBookSale: Great Reads At a Discounted Price! : Chick Lit Plus.

4 Chick Lit Authors To Watch in 2015

I’m no expert, but I follow a lot of book bloggers on Twitter and you’d be surprised what you can learn from that. Here are my predictions for the chick lit authors who are going to do big things in 2015, based on a combination of talent, hard work and marketing savvy.

cathy-bramley-in-a-phone-box.jpgCathy Bramley

Wrote: Conditional Love, Ivy Lane

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads

Holly Martin7336832

Wrote: 100 Proposals, The Guestbook

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads

Edit: Chicklit Club has named Holly ‘Most Promising Author’ in their annual Pink Thong Awards (NB that’s the Australian ‘thong’ i.e. flipflop in case you were wondering!)

Becky Mo7056358nson

Wrote: 32 Going on Spinster, 33 Going on Girlfriend?

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads

7305225Samantha Tonge

Wrote: Doubting Abbey, From Paris With Love, Mistletoe Mansion

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads




Will I be proven right?  Watch this space.

Actually, you probably want to watch Amazon.

Brilliant Titles of Chick Lit Books

do not lick the phonesI see a lot of book titles in my Twitter feed and in Goodreads notifications.  It’s not often that a title alone is enough to get me to click on a book link, but every now and again it happens.  So I thought I would share the ones that got me.  Will they get you too?

Do Not Lick the Phones

People I Want to Punch in the Throat

No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday

To really do it properly, I then downloaded an add-on for my browser that disables images (so I couldn’t see the book covers) and then searched Amazon for ‘chick lit’.  These are the titles (from the first 24 pages) which got me to click on them:

F*ck Normal

The Anti-Ageing of Harmony Richards

Borrowing My Mother’s Saints

Storm in a B Cup

A Beginner’s Guide to Salad

Deranged Marriage

We Could be Villains

I was amazed at how many pages I got through before I reached ten titles.  It just shows you how important the book cover is, because I’m more aware now that I usually scan the covers and not the titles.

How much attention do you pay to titles?  What kind get you to click?

What I’ve Been Reading – November 2014

[BTW, The Dr Pepper Prophecies is 99c/99p 30 Nov and 1 Dec, so grab it if you haven’t already.]

I’ve been on a massive Julia Quinn binge, covering some of last month and most of this.  I’ve now read about two-thirds of her books, and the rest are either on request at my local library or on my Christmas list.

n157544There are a lot of authors writing regency romance, but of course all have their own brand.  I think the first ones I read were by Mary Balogh, which I’ve liked but not loved (I’d recommend Then Comes Seduction if you want to try her).  I’m not generally keen on stories with angry, tortured heros (not my idea of good husband-material), so I haven’t really taken to Eloisa James.  I recently read one by Sarah MacLean that I really liked and I’ve requested two more from the library.

I’ve read almost all of Stephanie Laurens (pick up Four in Hand, The Reasons for Marriage or the Cynster Sisters trilogy). She writes some straight romance and some romance/mystery, with a lot of sex scenes.  Alpha males who don’t want to admit they’re in love and women who think the acknowledgement is essential is a common theme.  She seems to be going further in the mystery direction with her more recent books, so I may be getting off her train soon.

What her books lack for me, though, is humour.  And that’s where Julia Quinn comes in.  Basically, if Stephanie Laurens and Sophie Kinsella had a daughter (theoretically possible with scientific intervention, I believe), she would be it.Tuthienbao.com-2  She still has the romance and some sex scenes (though not in all books and less detailed than SL’s), but her books are just overall more fun.

Julia Quinn Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk,
Stephanie Laurens Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

Any other Julia Quinn fans reading this?

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Chick Lit Books & Others I’ve Been Reading – Oct 14

The chick lit books and other things I’ve read this month are:

Chick Lit Books

The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello

The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello (chick lit books)Three best friends are off on a luxury holiday.  A relaxing week away from all the stresses in her life is exactly what Imogen needs.  It is not, however, what she gets.

I previously read Bridesmaids and Girl on the Run by Costello and, to be honest, I was a bit ‘meh’ about them both.  This one, however, hit the spot.  I do like a touch of farce in my comedy and this certainly has that.  If The Dr Pepper Prophecies made you laugh, this will too – because Imogen has the same if-it-can-go-wrong-it-will luck.

One warning: this book also has one very sad thing in it, so if you’re looking to be cheered up leave it until later.

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads

Other Books

One Good Earl Deserves A Lover by Sarah MacLean

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean (regency romance) Philippa Marbury is about to get married (because he’s nice and he asked – even though she’s “odd”) and – being of a scientific bent – needs to understand what to expect in the marriage bed before she does.  So, she asks one of the most notorious rakes in London to instruct her (as you do).  He refuses, but Philippa isn’t easily put off…

I do think the publishers have overreached with their cover quote “MacLean is unrivalled” (read some Stephanie Laurens and judge for yourself), but this is a terrific regency romance.  Really liked the characters and, unlike in some of Laurens’ books, it was circumstances getting in their way and not just lack of communication.  Although it’s the second in the series, the first focuses on different characters so you don’t need to have read it first.

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia QuinnAnnabel needs a husband wealthy enough to support her widowed mother and seven younger siblings and the Earl of Newbury needs an heir – and thus a bride – so his hated nephew doesn’t inherit his title.  Sounds like an ideal match, except that the Earl is a dirty old man and Annabel is falling for the penniless nephew instead.

I couldn’t resist re-reading this, since I was talking about it last time.  This is a rare thing: a regency romcom.  It’s told partly from the hero’s side and partly from the heroine’s and I love them both.  The hero’s also an author, which probably makes me relate to him more.  It’s funny and sweet and one of my favourite pick-me-ups.

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads

Have you read any of these historical fiction and chick lit books?  What did you think?