Wedding Hells

But I Said Forever is Out! + Work in Progress Nov 14

But I Said Forever is out! A little early, since I had to make sure it would be ready on time.  It’s 99c/99p at the moment, but it won’t be […]

Which Wedding Dress Would Each Character Have?

Following on from the post on which engagement ring my characters would have, I thought I’d have some fun and do one for their wedding dresses as well.  This was […]

New Cover for 'Wedding Hells'

Wedding Hells has also had a makeover.  This cover was also designed by JelenaM at 99 Designs.

Wedding Hells is FREE on,, some other Amazon sites, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and several other ebook stores. It’s designed to be free to everyone, always.  Although if you do feel like payment-by-review, I won’t […]

Meanwhile, ‘Wedding Hells’ has been downloaded almost 1200 times so far on Amazon and Smashwords. Thanks to everyone who has bought, reviewed or helped spread the word about my books. […]

This should mean that Canadian readers can download it free from either or Thanks to everyone who reported it.  Download at will.   Anyone feel like writing a review? It’s not free on or the other sites, so please continue to tell them it’s free elsewhere. Thanks to everyone who reported it. Jennifer

Unfortunately I can’t do it directly, I have to get them to price match.  If you want to help, you need to copy this URL and then go to the ‘Wedding […]