The Dr Pepper Prophecies

But I Said Forever is Out! + Work in Progress Nov 14

But I Said Forever is out! A little early, since I had to make sure it would be ready on time.  It’s 99c/99p at the moment, but it won’t be […]

The Dr Pepper Prophecies was given the bronze medal in the chick lit category. Their reviewer had already given it 5 stars. This is the first award it’s been entered […]

The Dr Pepper Prophecies Audio Book is Out!

The Dr Pepper Prophecies is now available to listen to!  The audio version, read by voice artist Elán O’Connor, is on,,, and iTunes.  Have a listen to […]

This month’s report.  Much progress made.  Have Chick Lit, Will Travel is now out and available to buy.  Here’s the rest: The Dr Pepper Prophecies Audio Book Finished!  The recording […]

Work in Progress - July 2014

Lots going on right now.  Really must learn not to take on so much at once! The Dr Pepper Prophecies Audio Book My voice artist has recorded 26 of 33 […]

Just had the email this morning.  I entered back in April, I think, so it’s been a long wait and patience is really not my greatest virtue. The Dr Pepper […]

I’m very pleased to announce that yesterday a voice artist and I officially signed a contract to produce an audiobook version of The Dr Pepper Prophecies! The artist’s name is […]

The Dr Pepper Prophecies is part of Cover Wars over at The Masquerade Crew this month.  Basically, a group of book covers go head to head over the month and readers […]

Part of the TDPP anniversary celebrations.  Posted on Relatively Yours. ~~~~ At the end of my book, The Dr Pepper Prophecies, my protagonists decide to let 25 years of friendship […]

I’ve created ‘extras’ pages for my books (minus the short stories), so you can get to the most important posts about them more easily.  You can reach them through the […]