But I Said Forever

What do you think? But I Said Forever is due for release 15 November 2014.

But I Said Forever The Brittany book has a title!  I’ve seen the first version of the cover and hopefully that will be ready to show you soon.  I’m halfway […]


Toddler has started nursery!  She’s settled in well and I’m revelling in having proper writing time.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, I now have a desk to work at.  […]

This month’s report.  Much progress made.  Have Chick Lit, Will Travel is now out and available to buy.  Here’s the rest: The Dr Pepper Prophecies Audio Book Finished!  The recording […]

Work in Progress - July 2014

Lots going on right now.  Really must learn not to take on so much at once! The Dr Pepper Prophecies Audio Book My voice artist has recorded 26 of 33 […]

Stage: Nearing the end of the second round of editing.  I’ll probably go through it at least once more before I send it out to beta-readers to look for major […]

I’ve ventured into the world of Pinterest, with boards for The Dr Pepper Prophecies, After Wimbledon, Early Daze and my work in progress.  I’ve added things like dream casts (where […]

This follows on from my post about my new project.  Since this is a sequel of a sort to The Dr Pepper Prophecies, I want to know what you’d like to know […]