But I Said Forever

Here’s the final deleted scene from But I Said Forever. It’s a brief conversation between Brittany and Toby. In the end, I decided that Brittany didn’t really know him well […]

Work in Progress

Missed last month, didn’t I?  I’m afraid there wasn’t much to report.  Here’s the state of play now: Magical Weddings I ended up abandoning the story I talked about last […]

Parker Sisters 3 I’m delighted to tell you that I have finished the first draft of this book.  It’s still pretty rough in places and I expect it to go […]

But I Said Forever is now at 32/17 in reviews! Thanks everyone and here’s your next scene. This one was originally the second half of the conversation in deleted scene […]

But I Said Forever has been on tour this week with CandleLit Author Services, leading to some fantastic reviews.  I also wrote two guest posts for the tour, partly about […]

Cupid on the Loose! + Work in Progress (Jan 15)

Cupid on the Loose!: A Valentine’s Day Anthology of Short Stories is now available! It’s FREE everywhere except Amazon (where we’re still waiting for the price match), but kindle users […]

But I Said Forever is at 25 and 15 reviews!  Thanks everyone.  As promised, here’s another deleted scene.  The next one will be posted once BISF reaches 30 reviews on […]

Parker Sisters Series I’m in the process of taking my work on PS3 (Mel) from a collection of scenes to a complete first draft.  I’ve found I write best when […]

I said I would post the first deleted scene when But I Said Forever reached 20 reviews on Amazon.com and 10 on Amazon.co.uk and it has! Thank you to everyone […]

But I Said Forever is Out! + Work in Progress Nov 14

But I Said Forever is out! A little early, since I had to make sure it would be ready on time.  It’s 99c/99p at the moment, but it won’t be […]