As it’s Prematurity Awareness Month, I thought I should share my experience of premature labour, what I learnt and what I would do differently if it happened again. My daughter […]

Woman with her hands over her ears

I was reading reviews of Early Daze to update its description and I noticed one reviewer felt the book wasn’t realistic, because “most parents would want to know everything.” Writing […]

One of the reviewers for Early Daze wondered if it was realistic to have Jess hand-expressing in the early days after Samantha was born.  I can promise you that it […]

Boosk about premature babies

If Early Daze has interested you in reading more about the experiences of preemie parents, or someone in your life has given birth early, here’s some other books you might […]

Early Daze: Around Neonatal

As you know, Early Daze centres around a Neonatal Unit.  I thought I would share a few pictures of the one it was based on, to help you visualise it.  Don’t […]