Respecting Other Women's Choices

The no kids club.  Not the book by Talli Roland (although that may well be worth a read).  Following on from my post on C-Section Shame, another thing I don’t […]

C-Section Shame

Apparently there’s a “Christian” group on Facebook who’ve been posting things claiming women who have c-sections don’t really give birth (and worse – don’t google it if you’ve had one).  […]

How Old do You Need to be to Understand the Word 'No'?

Someone posted a link on Facebook to a story about a mother’s reaction to her daughter’s bra strap being undone by a boy at school and it reminded me of […]

Actually, She's a Girl

A little rant today about gender stereotyping. My going-on-three-year-old daughter frequently gets mistaken for a boy.  I’m not overly bothered by this, but every now and then it gets to […]

As it’s Prematurity Awareness Month, I thought I should share my experience of premature labour, what I learnt and what I would do differently if it happened again. My daughter […]

Woman with her hands over her ears

I was reading reviews of Early Daze to update its description and I noticed one reviewer felt the book wasn’t realistic, because “most parents would want to know everything.” Writing […]

Family Holiday

This year, three generations of my family went on holiday together: my parents and my sister and I with our families.  We got a holiday cottage near the Yorkshire coast […]

When my daughter went off with Grandma the other day for her weekly play-date, she cried.  In fact, she was reaching out for Mummy.  Now, please don’t think me a horrible person, […]

Me and My Body

I never used to struggle with body image.  I wasn’t skinny, but I’d accepted I wasn’t going to be.  Nature had made me curvy and muscular and even when I […]

One of the reviewers for Early Daze wondered if it was realistic to have Jess hand-expressing in the early days after Samantha was born.  I can promise you that it […]