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I’m a 30-something, English, married, work-at-home mum living in North Yorkshire, England.

Ten unusual (and hopefully interesting) things about me:

  1. I’ve tried skydiving, bungee jumping (twice), sky swinging, zorbing (lots), paragliding, parasailing, hang gliding, white water rafting and just about every adrenaline sport going. I visited New Zealand and it was a condition of the visa (not really). And, after all that, I’m still afraid of heights.
  2. I act as well as write (as an amateur). Given the choice, I always like to play the bad guy. I don’t want to be nice on stage; I’m nice in real life. Mostly.
  3. I have a first class degree in physics. What was that about chick lit writers being dumb?
  4. My daughter was born three months early. My first months of motherhood were spent in Neonatal Intensive Care and chained to the breast pump, which I’ve now written about in my new novella Early Daze. Fortunately, she is now a healthy toddler.
  5. I bite my nails. Apparently I took it up, age 2.5, when my sister was born. I’ve quit several times, but always go back to it in times of stress. Apparently, I have an addictive personality.
  6. I don’t drink alcohol. I’ve never smoked or taken drugs. Just as well in view of point 5.
  7. I was married on stage in our local theatre. My husband and I met when we both joined our local amateur operatic society for a production of The Pirates of Penzance, which was performed there, so it seemed appropriate.
  8. I have a sapphire engagement ring. To be honest, I think diamonds are a bit boring on their own.
  9. I live in a town with a castle.
  10. Despite having written a book about the Wimbledon tennis tournament (After Wimbledon), I’ve never actually been (I know, it’s awful. It was actually inspired by the Australian Open).

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