Where I’m At Right Now

Following on from One Long Year In One Short Post.


The thyroid medication has improved things some. Unfortunately, it can’t undo the effects of running on empty for so long. Think of being sick as slowly digging a hole. Medicine helps you stop digging, but you’re still in the hole. My fitness level was at nil, my weight had increased and the limitations that having no energy placed on my life weren’t great for my mental health either.

This year I’m trying to get myself going again. I finally returned to zumba in January, which is a positive step. I really need to look at something else, especially since I’m having some back trouble that I don’t want to aggravate further. I’m trying to eat better as well. Not always succeeding, but hey!


I’m not working on anything at the moment. Sorry to anyone who wants to read more of my stuff, but there are many other indie and newly-published chick lit authors whose work I urge you to try. I don’t know when (or if) I will return to fiction writing.

Magical Weddings is no longer available to purchase, as some of the other authors involved wanted out. I’ll have to look at creating a short story collection with my stories for this and Cupid on the Loose!, and maybe Flights of Nancy and Wedding Hells as well. Maybe I’ll even feel inspired to write a new one, but no promises.


So, what am I doing with my time?

  • I’m still running my Ebay business, Shoes & Stuff. Nearly reached 1000 for positive feedback.
  • In January I started volunteering as social media person for a non-profit called Dignified Scrawl, running their account on Twitter. I’ve also just signed up for a short course to learn more about Twitter analytics. That’s part of my effort to haul myself out of my hole. You might have seen that I’ve started being a little more active on my own Twitter account as well.
  • The usual home and family stuff. Would you believe my little girl is 6 now? She’s in her second year at school and writing her first stories!

Other Stuff

Recently, I binge-watched all 12 seasons of Supernatural. My favourite character is Charlie and I ship Destiel. Can’t wait until Season 13 starts in the UK. I might even persuade my husband to watch the Scooby Do episode with me, because he’s a big fan of that.

I’ve actually managed to keep my orchid alive long enough for it to flower a second time!


That’s all. Hope you’re well.

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