Simple Ikea Latt Table Hack

Simple Ikea Latt Table HackIkea hacks seem to be all the rage these days. Pinterest is full of the amazing furniture people have turned bog standard pieces into. For our Ikea Latt table, however, it was more of a rescue.  After much abuse at the hands of 4-Year-Old, the surface looked like a teenager’s skin. The chairs were spared only because I gave them to my sister for her little boy.

First I took it apart (bless whoever invented alan keys) and rubbed the whole thing down with wire wool (actually a kitchen pan scourer). It’s a bit rough for some surfaces, but it did a great job of cleaning up the legs and the worst of the dirt without risking more water damage to the hardboard top. The frame is plain pine – I like bare wood, but I might oil it to give it protection.

Ikea Latt Table 3I thought we’d have to replace the top. It turned out that the other side wasn’t bad, but it definitely needed a new surface. I’d been eyeing some granite-effect sticky back plastic at Yorkshire Trading (local chain selling a bit of everything) for ages and this seemed the perfect project to try it out on.


And here’s the result! Quick, simple and cheap, and the Ikea Latt table lives to see another day. The plan is to use clear sealant round the edges to make sure no water gets into the cracks. I even had enough left over to resurface a tray as well.Tra

[This week I also finally got out the sewing machine and sewed zips into the sofa cushion covers, which were previously sewn closed. My husband has had this sofa for ten years. I shudder to think what they’ve been through.]

Have you rescued any household items lately?

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