Work in Progress (April 2015)

Missed last month, didn’t I?  I’m afraid there wasn’t much to report.  Here’s the state of play now:

Magical Weddings

Caution is a Virtue coverI ended up abandoning the story I talked about last time, because I just didn’t feel it was working.  Hopefully I’ll be able to return to it later on.

Instead, I decided to try something different.  I’ve been wanting to write a regency romance story for a while and, since most of the authors involved in the box set write romance rather than chick lit, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  That story, titled Caution is a Virtue, is out with beta readers at the moment.

The Magical Weddings box set will be available for pre-order on 25 May (a Facebook launch party is in the planning stages) and for sale on 16 June at the ridiculously small starting price of 99c.

Parker Sisters Series

I haven’t tackled further edits on PS3 yet, but I have written a bit more on PS4.  I think that’s my favourite book so far.  The Parkers are turning into quite a Modern Family

Summer Anthology

CoverDraft1_SmallWe’ve set a deadline for stories of the end of May, so it should be out sometime in June.  Since I’ve been busy writing for Magical Weddings, my plan is to re-edit Flights of Nancy, take it off individual sale and make it part of the anthology instead.

Some of the authors involved in this and Cupid on the Loose! also contributed to Fool’s Rush In (also free), which was organised by Cupid author Celia Kennedy.  She also hopes to put together a Christmas anthology, to which I will hopefully submit a story (possibly the one I started writing for Magical Weddings, since it takes place at Christmas).

Audio Books

Good news and bad news here.  The bad news is that the audio book of But I Said Forever has been delayed indefinitely, because my narrator has suffered a bereavement and is unable to work.  The good news is that I have now signed a contract with someone else to produce Early Daze, so that will hopefully be available late this year.

Non-Amazon Sites

I’m in the process of pulling all my books out of Amazon’s Select programme and making them available on other sites.  The only one that isn’t out now is The Dr Pepper Prophecies, which has another ten days to go in its contract period.  Right now you can pre-order it on the other sites.

I’m afraid that means Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited customers can no longer get my work free, but it does mean that it’s available for loads of new readers to enjoy.


I just started a new group board on Pinterest for chick lit 2015 releases.  There are so many great books already out or coming soon, so come and follow to discover ones you may have missed:

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