Deleted Scene #3 From But I Said Forever

But I Said Forever is now at 32/17 in reviews! Thanks everyone and here’s your next scene. This one was originally the second half of the conversation in deleted scene #2.  In this case I decided the scene was taking the book in too dark a direction.

Again, words in italics are typed in an online chat conversation.

I’ll post the final deleted scene when BISF has 35 reviews on Amazon US and 20 on Amazon UK.


So, what’s happened at your end?

I talked to Phillip.


He said no. Then he got his mother to come round for a chat.

What, to scare you into submission?

In a nutshell.

You realise that this is bordering on domestic abuse?

Don’t be silly.

I’m not being silly, I’ve been reading about it. Making someone feel unable to leave the relationship is part of it. That’s how they get started, by convincing you that you can’t manage on your own. Then they can do what they like.

I feel the chill again. Surely I can’t be in an abusive relationship without knowing it? A dressing down by my mother-in-law and limited control of our finances hardly rank alongside being beaten and thrown down the stairs.

I really think you’re exaggerating.

Brittany, for God’s sake, I’m trying to help!

Mel, you’re always trying to “help”. I type crossly. And you only ever make things worse.

Thanks a lot!

Just leave me alone. I can take care of myself.

Fine! But don’t blame me when he’s locked you in a cellar somewhere.

I turn off chat and shake my head in irritation. For goodness sake, Phillip is not an abuser. Just because someone shares a couple of characteristics with a group doesn’t mean they belong to it. Abusers do lots of other things too, like putting you down and trying to separate you from your family.

I hear the front door slam and a few minutes later Phillip wanders in. ‘What have you been doing on the iPad?’ he asks.

‘I’ve been chatting with my sister,’ I say. ‘We had a bit of a falling out.’

Phillip picks the iPad off the table and tucks it under his arm. ‘She’s always been a loose cannon, that one,’ he says. ‘You were better off when you weren’t speaking.’ He heads back over to the lounge door. ‘By the way, your hair is really starting to need attention.’

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