Deleted Scene #2 From But I Said Forever

But I Said Forever is at 25 and 15 reviews!  Thanks everyone.  As promised, here’s another deleted scene.  The next one will be posted once BISF reaches 30 reviews on and 17 on

I cut this scene because it was really more about Mel than Brittany.  It’s an idea I intend to pick up on in the next book in the series, when I’m back in Mel’s head.

The italics are typed words, because this is a chat conversation.


I open Facebook and Mel starts a chat with me before I’ve even read one post.

I’ve been thinking about what you said.


About me deliberately getting into trouble to get attention.

Oh, forget it. It was silly.

I think you may be right.

I stare at the screen. Really?

Not totally. Because it still happens when you’re not there. Which reminds me, I have this vague memory of me knocking over something in a shop and smashing a load of mirrors – did I dream that?

I think. I don’t remember it. But it could have happened when I was really small.

I could just be rationalizing. Sort of. Anyway, when I was thinking back to our childhood and came up with that memory, I also fell over a few that might agree with your theory.


Then I discussed it with Will and he agreed. And came up with quite a lot more. Which was seriously annoying, because I was really looking for him to back up my version of events.

He’s not going to start lying to you just because he’s your boyfriend now. Other women would think that’s a good thing.

Other women are nuts. There is such a thing as too much honesty. Anyway, the point is that you had a point.

Why did you do it?

There’s a long pause.

Because you were always the favourite. Dad was disappointed in me because I wasn’t a boy and then because I wasn’t even his idea of a girl. And then you came along and you were exactly that. So, you got all his attention. And Mum didn’t really give attention, she was just sort of there. The only time I was noticed was when I got stuff wrong. So, I did that. Of course, then he decided I was a screw up and I got endless criticism, so it backfired just the tiniest bit.

I swallow a lump in my throat. It felt like every event that should have been about me ended up being about you.

I felt the exact same way. I think we were in an endless tug of war.

No wonder we grew up resenting each other. But I still think you were better off.


You started breaking out early. Dad accepted it to some degree – that you were the black sheep. Whereas I’ve always been his perfect little girl. I felt like I couldn’t put a foot out of line. I have so much more to lose.

Never thought of it like that, but you may be right. By the time it came to major rebellion, I’d given up on getting into his good books.

Another pause.

BTW, thanks for letting me type this instead of actually having to say it.

I smile. You’re welcome.

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