But I Said Forever is Out! + Work in Progress Nov 14

Sidebar-BISFBut I Said Forever is out!

A little early, since I had to make sure it would be ready on time.  It’s 99c/99p at the moment, but it won’t be staying at that price for long.

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It’s had some lovely reviews from my advance readers and I hope it will soon have many more. I have some deleted scenes to share with you and I’ll post the first as soon as the book gets to 20 reviews on Amazon.com and 10 on Amazon.co.uk.

Parker Sisters series

Wedding Hells, The Dr Pepper Prophecies and But I Said Forever now form the Parker Sisters series and I’m carrying on with the story for at least my next couple of books.

PS3 will be focusing on Mel.  You’ll be pleased to know that the first draft is two-thirds done already!  Expect that Spring 2015.

PS4 will be back to Brittany.  I have a few scenes drafted for that, because I came up with a really evil brilliant idea that I think you’ll like.  That will hopefully be ready Summer/Autumn 2015.

Each of the books in the series will be a complete story, but later books will refer to events in previous ones (including those narrated by the other sister) and there will be some character crossover between books.

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