10 Sites to Go to for Chick Lit Recommendations

When you want a new chick lit book to read, where do you go?  Straight to Amazon?  Or is there a book reviewer whose tastes you know are pretty close to your own?

If you’d like the latter, but don’t have one, here are some sites to check out:

  1. Best Chick Lit
  2. Chick Lit Reviews & News
  3. Chick Lit Club
  4. Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews
  5. This Chick Reads
  6. Chick Lit Pad
  7. Fictionella
  8. Chick Lit Central
  9. Chick Lit Café
  10. I Heart Chick Lit

Twitter list

Where do you go for recommendations?


  1. Ooo, thanks!! I’ve been stuck with ya and na paranormal books for my reviews lately and need a good dose of chick lit!!!

    cindi @ mommasez…


  2. Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for including our blog on your list of TOP 10. It’s such an honour! Wish you a fantastic weekend xx


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