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Following on from One Long Year In One Short Post. Health The thyroid medication has improved things some. Unfortunately, it can’t undo the effects of running on empty for so […]

Pine Chest of Drawers Makeover

Now that it’s been replaced by a larger one, I’m doing a pine chest of drawers makeover. I bought it used several years ago, particularly cheap because it had some […]

Simple Ikea Latt Table Hack

Ikea hacks seem to be all the rage these days. Pinterest is full of the amazing furniture people have turned bog standard pieces into. For our Ikea Latt table, however, […]

Bathroom Project - Walls & Floors Competition Entry

Okay, this is sort of a sponsored post. UK tile company Walls & Floors are running a competition to design a room and do a post and Pinterest board on […]

One Long Year in One Short Post

It’s been a long time since I posted here. I haven’t been writing much at all, actually. See, a while back I started suffering a lot of fatigue. I was […]

This Adulting Thing

It’s a terrible thing being a grown-up.  As Dave Lister put it, you become “reliable, sensible, dependable… and lots of other words that end in ible.”  In particular, you find […]

Magical Weddings Boxset Cover

I’ve been over on Rachel’s Random Reads this week, talking about avoiding the potential pitfalls in choosing a song for your first dance, as part of the Magical Weddings blog […]

Magical Weddings Boxset Cover

MAGICAL WEDDINGS: 15 Enchanting Romances Whether real or only in the hearts of the bride and groom, the magic of weddings is undeniable. And irresistible! As these 15 enchanting happily-ever-afters […]

But I Said Forever

Here’s the final deleted scene from But I Said Forever. It’s a brief conversation between Brittany and Toby. In the end, I decided that Brittany didn’t really know him well […]

My Favourite Tools for Work From Home Jobs

I would describe myself as a work at home mum.  My daughter is three years old.  She now attends nursery three afternoons a week, and usually spends another one with […]